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How My Frustrations with Staff Become a Profitable Benefit

In my first business, I regularly had issues with employees. Firstly, I couldn't find half decent ones that turned up on time or consistently. Then there was a severe lack of skills or 'aptitude' to the work. They often broke things and damaged my equipment. One even stole my tools and nearly put me out of business. 

Then it struck me - I was the one hiring them and 

I didn't know a thing about hiring or managing good quality people. 

That thought started a new way of thinking in my mind. I realised I had to learn a lot about people and years later that thought had changed my whole life. 

I made a firm decision to learn everything I could about workers so I wouldn't be taken advantage of again. I made it my goal to understand a person quickly and deeply in the interview stage - before I hired them, instead of 'hoping' they would work out. 

Thankfully, at the time I had already invested tens of thousands in learning marketing and copywriting, so I applied my skills to ad writing for hiring staff and the results were often spectacular. That was the easy step.

Over a Decade of Research & Testing

It took me over a decade of research with personal development books, seminars and workshops, studying psychology and carrying out dozens of personality and behaviour tests and assessments to try to understand people quickly and deeply.

One day it struck me that I had achieved my goal. All my employee challenges had disappeared completely and what's more I was so much happier as a result. 

I found my own experiences with the frustrations of having employees was very common. Soon other business owners wanted to know what I had learnt and I began solving the employee challenges of a few, and then hundreds of business owners' staff issues - and I watched their businesses grow and transform their lives. No longer were the owners stressed, tired and frustrated. They were happy and had freedom to choose what they did with their extra time from having an integrated team.

The Experience Backing this Training System


Years of Building Business Teams


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Happier employees


Combined increase in clients businesses profits

4 Ways Your Business Will Improve with an Integrated Team

Most business owners experience the frustrations of employees however very few have experienced the joy, productivity increase and freedom of having a fully integrated team.

No more being let down by staff

Great team members have your back and never let you, your customers or other team members down. They are rarely sick or have unscheduled days off. They understand how important it is to be dependable. 

You can work on your business hours or days more

When your team is fully optimised and take ownership of their role they start to self manage. That means you are free to do what you need to do in your role, to work on your business or have the freedom to do what you want to do.

See a big increase in happiness

A great team is a happy, productive team. It's very common for our clients who have an integrated team to say their employees 'love' the changes introduced, 'love' their work and want to stay with the business until they retire. 

Increase in referrals and profits

Every employee in your business that speaks to or sees a prospect or customer is giving that person an experience from your business. A happy team is something prospects and customers feel and then tell their friends about it. 

Personality Traits in Great Team Members & Leaders

All great teams in sport or workplaces operate with trust. Trust is dependability between team members. Each person can only focus on their own job if everyone else is carrying out their own job. 

Integrity is about honesty but its more than that. Its also about dependability, teamwork, reliability and consideration of others. 

Integrity is an essential ingredient of trust as seen in this formula for trust...

Integrity + Rapport = Trust

We don't tend to trust people we don't know or don't understand and rapport is about understanding a person more deeply to get along better.

When each team member focuses on being trustworthy and carrying out the tasks and work they are responsible for, this creates synergy where the output of the team is greater than all the individual's contributions and that results in more time in your week to grow your business. 

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