Integrated Dream Teams

Enjoy confidence in hiring & managing employees

End Your Employee Hiring, Training & Managing Challenges  Forever!

This course contains everything you need to learn to build a working dream team

Recruitment secrets
Leadership & communication insights
Team building insights

The 4 Components of the
Integrated Dream Team Course

The World's 1st comprehensive recruitment and team building SYSTEM!


Get access to proven ads that attract the best candidates so you can copy and paste to create your own ad easily and quickly.


Full training on advanced interviewing techniques with specific questions and answer sheets, to identify the best quality people.


Access advanced communication insights to increase employee responsibility and dependability.


Instructions for a 5 stage team meeting system that leads to happier employees who working harder without your supervision.

Only with a GREAT Team Can You Build a GREAT Business - and Enjoy a GREAT LIFESTYLE

With greater people skills comes greater happiness and freedom for you 

You didn't own a business to have a job, you own it to have a better life with an above average income and freedom to work the days or hours you choose.

Only by having excellent people skills to hire, select, train and build a team will those goals be achieved. 

This information is thoroughly researched and refined and provided in a detailed system form for you to digest and apply to build an integrated Dream Team.

Key Ingredients of the 
Integrated Dream Team Building Course...

How to write ads to attract the best employees 
How to break your recruitment in 3 separate, simple stages fully systemised to effortlessly hire great people
The latest and greatest interviewing questions that identify the 3 key ingredients of the best employees: integrity, initiative and intelligence 
Unlimited use of a personality profiling tool to identify the candidates that are a perfect fit for their role in your business 
How to introduce team meetings effectively, to motivate your employees and build a great team
The 5 stages of building an integrated team, who work hard, without your supervision
Communication techniques for breaking the dependency of staff on you, sucking up your time, to become team players who think for themselves.
How to motivate all your employees with business metrics and KPIs to create an "energy feedback loop"
How to define your Culture with values to inspire your team to work with you to achieve your Vision
Full, lifetime access to all the videos, updates,  templates, and detailed workbook

The Experience & Background Behind the Content


Over 30 years of research into maximising people performance


Clients worked with to refine this information and systems.


Hours of business owner's time freed up.

Course Content and Price

Full course with critique & support


22 educational videos and access to all updates and additional videos
DISC Profile Assessment - unlimited uses of the assessment for every future employee and detailed information on each profile to refer to
Templates for tracking candidates during recruitment
1 on 1 critique of your recruitment ad within 48 hours (work hours/days)
All course questions answered within 24 hours (work hours/days)
Lifetime membership of the Facebook support group of course attendees

The price is in $AUD and includes GST

Here's What other Business Owners Have Experienced By Using this Information

Paul Zdzitowiecki, Melbourne VIC

Chris Hislop, Warana QLD

Richard Abel, Mansfield QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything included for hiring and team building?

Both options above include everything you need and with the review of your recruitment ad and all the video instructions, it's all there for you to build a dream team.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No, however the Discovery Meeting is there to answer all your questions, provide examples of results and assure you of the quality of the content. If you're still sceptical of the value of this course after attending the free training and Discovery Meeting then you'll probably be sceptical of all the content and this can prevent learning and success from the course. If you don't see the value from the sample content you've been given so far then the course may not be for you.

Why are there two options?

While the video course covers everything, some business owners still would like individual, 1 on 1 support and discussion so that's the second option. 

The second option is live discussions in Zoom meetings where the content can be customised and tailored to the individual business needs. The 1st, full course option is recommended as the best option.

When will I see results?

The course content information is neither new or on trial. The content is from decades of research and refinement while working with over 500 business owners for 6 to 24 months. The content works, but the variable is your business. If you have no employees then it will help to hire your first with far greater likelihood of success within the first week. Some clients over the years have seen amazing employee performance improvements in days, while others have waited a month or two to see them. It depends on  many different factors when results will kick in.

How do I get access to the course content?

After your payment you will be emailed access to the the course content website where you will be able to access the video training. The content is drip fed over weeks so that it is absorbed and mindsets are slowly adjusted from thoughtful consideration of the principles. Rushing through the content will produce worse results, not better. 

Is there any 'upsell' offer after purchase?

Absolutely not. The course was created to give any business owner all the information they require now and in the future to understand how to hire, train and inspire  employees to become a dream team. There will be no other promotions to course attendees related to the subject of recruitment and team building. However you may be introduced to complementary information unrelated but beneficial to the course information such as KPIs, metrics and management reporting.

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