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How to Find, Select & Build an Integrated Dream Team  that Works Hard - Without Your Supervision or Having to Pay High Salaries

End frustrations, 'let downs' and stress related to hiring and managing employees forever!

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Advanced ad writing secrets to 'attract' the best people in the marketplace, who may be looking to switch employers but are waiting for the right company to work for.
The 5 Stages of Building an Integrated Team. Each step to implement for your employees to take on more responsibility and become self-managing. That will free up hours of your time to work on growing your business, or to be able to take time off away from your business.
Why personality profiling needs to be an essential ingredient of selection of candidates, so you put a 'round peg in a round hole' and the employee loves their work. I'll reveal which profiling tool is the most popular in 1,346 businesses. 
The two ways to train new employees and which one prevents having to put them off, months after hiring them and becoming frustrated with their performance. 
How to motivate your employees to work as hard as you do, even when you're not supervising them, or not at work. This simple insight will be one you love and use from the moment you start using it.
How to reduce employee's sick leave and time off by making them happier and more productive - without paying them one dollar more.
How to apply the power of sports psychology to building a dream team, that works your team inspired to work hard, without your supervision.

Tim Stokes 

Tim is the founder of Profit Transformations and author of the Integrated Teams training. He has been building businesses since since his first in the 80's. Tim helps business owners to make their business 'autonomous' with an integrated team - to operate smoothly, without their time, so they are free to work on their business to grow it faster, or to be out of it. 

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